February 25, 2020

A First Nations-led education system

At the United Nations Dujuan had a simple wish. To attend a school led by, and for, Aboriginal people.

Today, hosted by NT Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, In My Blood It Runs will be screened in Parliament House, Canberra.

We did invite Scott Morrison to come along – as Dujuan is clear he wants to meet with the PM, but we have yet to be able to pin him down for a meeting. We will keep trying and there will be a seat at the screening with his name on it.

Our Parliamentary screening is part of the campaign to build support for a First Nations-led education system led by the newly established Utyerre Apanpe: First Nations Educators’ Network.

The Network represents 15 nations and growing, and is convened by our partners, Children’s Ground with backing from the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition (NIYEC).

Watch this video to learn more about Children’s Ground and Utyerre Apanpe Network. Share it with your friends to show the power of First Nations-led education.

You can support this vision for a First Nations-led education system by donating to support Children’s Ground to establish a school in Dujuan’s homelands, Mpweringke Anapipe, in the Northern Territory.

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Dujuan is the youngest person to address the UN Human Rights Council. In September last year he asserted he wanted “a school run by Aboriginal people”. The film’s core message – that mainstream education is so often failing First Nations children – is backed by a growing national movement for reform.

Other western countries such as New Zealand, Hawaii and Canada have established First Nations led education systems over the past 40 years where first language and culture are embedded from Kindergarten to University. Australia is well behind.

Important education reform is needed in Australia to provide the infrastructure to truly build on children’s inherent strengths. Meaningful and culturally safe education is critical in preventing children like Dujuan from being at risk, or ending up in jail or on welfare or with a lifetime of economic poverty and stress. It’s an upstream solution.

In My Blood It Runs is proud to support this new network and their vision for change. We are calling on the government and all Australians to back their efforts to deliver a system of education that works, that grounds kids in their identity and builds a strong foundation for long lasting success.

We look forward to seeing how Ministers and Departmental staff respond to the film and Utyerre Apanpe Network – we’ll keep you updated.

In solidarity,
Maya & the In My Blood It Runs Team

P.S. In My Blood It Runs is still in cinemas around the country. Don’t miss your chance to see the film on the big screen.

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