Through the hard work of our community lead team and the support of our partners we released an award winning film for which our impact campaign extended our audience reach and social impact.

The film reached at least 3.5 million people and brought in close to $750,000 in income across theatrical, non theatrical, VOD and education sales. In addition, over $357,000 was raised for campaigns associated with the film including a school on Dujuan’s homelands.

The film reached critical and influential audiences, including but not limited to: the United Nations, Attorney Generals and their staff, Members of Parliament and policymakers across State, Territory and Federal governments, juvenile justice organisations and leaders, curriculum developers, universities, school leaders, teachers, students, and First Nations communities.

The film used its platform to spotlight related campaigns and amplify the profile of related work, highlighting First Nations-led organisations in education and youth justice. The film was instrumental in bringing greater awareness to the campaign to #RaiseTheAge. The film also offered significant support to Children’s Ground and the NIYEC campaign, #LearnOurTruth.

And most importantly, Dujuan and family are proud of the film. In My Blood It Runs is a part of Dujuan’s story, and his unique voice will continue to have an impact well beyond beyond the release of his book and film.

For more in depth write ups of how and what we did as part of this impact strategy we invite you to explore;

Summary Impact Report

Impact strategy, wins, learnings and the ways we chose to understand success..

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Impact Story

We share the story of four years in the making of the film and another four years of its impact campaign. For filmmakers, impact producers and anyone interested in the processes behind filmmaking and impact producing.

Collaborative Filmmaking Case Study

We made this film with a collaborative approach led by the participants onscreen. This report provides a case study of the model co-designed with Arrernte and Garrwa participants. 

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Impact Distribution Podcast

Impact producers Rachel Edwardson and Maya Newell share reflections on the distribution model for In My Blood It Runs.

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Impact partners

The team from In My Blood It Runs has now formed the Unquiet Collective. We want to shake up how films are made, how they are released and how they are connected with real world actions. For more of our ongoing practice in social impact filmmaking head to our website.