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Support a First Nations led education system in Australia

Dujuan’s wish is simple. To attend a school led by, and for, Aboriginal people. 

To show your support for First Nations led education donate to Dujuan’s grandmothers. They are the leaders of Children’s Ground and are building their own education model for their kids. In My Blood It Runs film team and Children’s Ground are committed to supporting the leadership and vision of First Nations families leading change in their own communities.

Right now, they need a school built at Sandy Bore homeland (on Dujuan’s Country), just outside Alice Springs and the resources to design an education system with an Arrernte curriculum. Support them.

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Join the Movement to #RaiseTheAge of Criminal Responsibility

Right now in Australia, 10 year old children can be locked up. We should be helping children and families get back on track, not locking them up. All evidence shows that the younger the child is involved in the justice system, the higher the rate of recidivism. Send a message to our leaders that we want to raise the age to at least 14 in line with international child rights standards. We support our partner organisations Amnesty International and Human Rights Law Centre.


Tell everyone about the film

Getting the word out there about an independent documentary takes lots of support. Please share our trailer on social media to share with your friends, family, school, workplace and wider networks.

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Host a Screening

Love the film? Host a private screening for your networks – friends, workplace, school – and start a conversation about the issues faced by children like Dujuan in Australia. As the host of the event, you can organise the event to include a panel discussion or guest speakers. The screenings can be private or open to the public. It will be driven by you and can also use the film as a fundraiser. 

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Donate to our partner organisations

Children’s Ground
Our film advisors are the directors, educators and grandmothers who lead Children’s Ground. Children’s Ground is changing the status quo for the next generation, preventing pathways to welfare and prison by transforming education and creating hope and opportunity. It is a 25 year approach to ensure agency for children and families over their social, cultural, political and economic futures.

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Akeyulerre, The Healing Centre
Amelia, Dujuan’s Nana is a Angangkere (Traditional Healer) and a leader of Akeyulerre. Akeuyulerre protects and promotes Arrernte traditional healing with knowledge, practice and expertise that is integral to the well being of the whole community and has been kept for over 65,000+ years. They have many programs including Angkwerre-iweme to support Angangkeres like Dujuan.

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Our Change Goals

In My Blood It Runs is not just a film, we have a multi-year impact campaign that dovetails our film release.

We are working with a range of national partners to deliver an impact campaign that has been strategised in close consultation with Dujuan and his family as well as an advisory group of senior Arrernte and Garrwa Elders and leaders. This has been made possible by the Shark Island Productions, Good Pitch Australia and Documentary Australia foundation and a range of philanthropic partners.


Key Impact Goals:
  1. Address racism by sharing lived experiences of First Nations people and challenging structural racism.

  2. Build significant support for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led education system.

  3. Mainstream schools become more culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

  4. Amplify evidence-backed restorative youth justice solutions instead of punitive youth justice. Including Raising the age of criminality from 10 to 14/ 16 years old.


Key Campaign Messages:
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people love and care for their children
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be given the agency to drive their own solutions
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s knowledge systems and culture are alive and well
  • Children have agency and can speak truth to power
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should have the right to determine and lead their own education
  • Australia needs to be honest about our past in order to build a more just future
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live with racism everyday and it causes harm
  • We need restorative approaches to juvenile justice rather than punitive approaches.

The star of In My Blood It Runs, Dujuan addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child to call on the Australian Government to treat kids like him better.

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