July 2, 2020

Illustrated Discussion Guides

Use these questions to spring-board your self-reflection or watch party discussions.

ABC broadcast Sunday 9:30pm

We’re really excited to let you know that In My Blood It Runs will broadcast on ABC on 5 July at 9.30pm and available on ABC iview after that for 30 days (and will be available via this link).

While we have had some incredible successes in our release so far, this will be our biggest opportunity to reach a huge mainstream audience.

The beautiful thing about watching a film with other people is the ability to discuss, self-reflect, and share thoughts and experiences – which is integral to promoting understanding and change.

Use these questions to spring-board your self-reflection or watch party discussions:

  1. What was your experience of learning about Aboriginal history in school?
  2. Share a time when you held an implicit or explicit racist belief or personally experienced racism?
  3. Share a quote or scene from the film that resonated with you?
  4. Consider your own sphere of influence, what are ways you can support the agency of First Nations people and communities? This could be learning more by reading a book, getting to know your local community, donating to First Nations-led initiatives or signing up to social justice campaigns.

We’ve made these conversation starters into some beautiful graphics that you can download below, illustrated by Ilana Bodenstein. Share these on our own socials and tag us @inmyblooditruns

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