U P C O M I N G  S C R E E N I N G S

Date Venue
Sep 15 7:15pm Darwin International Film Festival Deckchair Cinema Buy Tickets
Sep 17 6:30pm AACTA DOCS FEST - Brisbane Event Cinemas Brisbane City Myer Centre (AACTA Members only) Buy Tickets
Sep 17 6:30pm AACTA DOCS FEST - Sydney Event Cinemas Bondi Junction, Sydney (AACTA Members only) Buy Tickets
Sep 18 6:30pm AACTA DOCS FEST - Melbourne Cinema Nova (AACTA Members only) Buy Tickets
Sep 22 2:30pm MIFF Travelling Film Festival - Castlemaine Theatre Royal Buy Tickets
Oct 11 1:30pm Brisbane International Film Fest Australian Cinémathèque GOMA Buy Tickets
Oct 13 10:30am Brisbane International Film Fest New Farm Six Cinemas Buy Tickets
Ânûû-rû âboro - Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples - New Caledonia Resource Centre (Médiathèque) and at the Tiéti Hotel, Buy Tickets
Enfances Dans Le Monde Paris Buy Tickets

Past screenings

Date Venue
Apr 26 6:15pm Hot Docs 2019 - World Premiere TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
Apr 28 12:30pm Hot Docs 2019 Scotiabank Theatre, Cinema 4
May 4 6:15pm Hot Docs 2019 TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
Jun 9 7:00pm Sydney Film Festival Event Cinemas, George Stret
Jun 11 2:00pm Sydney Film Festival State Theatre
Jun 22 9:30pm AFI Docs Landmark E Street Cinema 6
Jul 20 2:45pm Giffoni Film Festival - Italy Giffoni Valle Piana
Jul 22 6:30pm Durban International Film Festival - South Africa Durban
Jul 26 10:00am Gimli Film Festival - Canada Gimli Theatre
Jul 27 1:30pm NZIFF Academy Cinema, Auckland
Jul 28 2:15pm Durban International Film Festival - South Africa Durban
Jul 28 3:00pm Gimli Film Festival - Canada Gimli Theatre
Jul 28 6:00pm NZIFF Academy Cinema, Auckland
Jul 29 4:00pm NZIFF City Gallery, Wellington
Jul 30 8:00pm NZIFF City Gallery, Wellington
Aug 2 6:15pm Stronger than Fiction Canberra
Aug 3 4:00pm Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF
Aug 5 6:30pm Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF
Aug 9 8:00pm Stronger than Fiction Dendy Canberra
Aug 17 1:30pm Melbourne International Film Festival Hoyts 10
Aug 28 6:00pm CinefestOZ, Western Australia Augusta Community Resource Centre
Aug 30 10:00am CinefestOZ, Western Australia Cinema 3 Orana Cinemas Busselton
Aug 30 7:00pm MIFF Travelling Film Festival - Bendigo Star Cinema
Sep 14 4:00pm MIFF Travelling Film Festival - Belgrave Cameo Cinemas Belgrave

H o s t  a  S c r e e n i n g

How you can screen In My Blood It Runs for your organisation, employees or networks

FEB 25th 2020 – all cinemas


A private cinema event where you can harness the film’s messages for your own network, team & workplace.

  • Host your private event in a cinema near you for your own select guest list (min. 100 people).
  • Structure your event however you like – organise a panel discussion or guest presenters.
  • Promote the event to your networks and open relevant discussions.

The cost will be dependent on the size of cinema and at the discretion of the cinema. It is usually a considerable discount on standard cinema ticket price per seat. For reference 60 seats is approx $1000, 100 seats is approx $1800 depending on your cinema and time.

Upon receipt of payment, all tickets will be issued. You can on-sell these tickets to invitees or give them away for free. It’s up to you! 


  1. Email us at with the following info:
    1. The date you would like to host your screening - anytime from 15th Feb 2020
    2. Approximately how many seats you will need
    3. Your cinema of preference in your area
  2. We will put you in touch with our theatrical bookings manager and they will liase with you to book the cinema and arrange the tickets. 
  3. Promote your event to your networks and manage RSVPs. We’ll send you some digital flyers and social media assets to help!

If you don’t have the capacity to book a whole cinema you can opt for our “cinema on demand” approach.

FEB 15th 2020 – all cinemas


Book any number of seats at a scheduled cinema session near you. Join the conversation around IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS with thousands of other Australian cinema goers.

Cinemas TBC


Ticket pricing is set by the cinemas. Note: the group booking is processed in one transaction, i.e. one lump sum advanced payment.

After you’ve paid you’ll receive tickets from the cinema and you will be responsible for distributing them to your group.


  1. Contact your local cinema and make a booking over the phone. Easy! 
  2. Email us at if you would like images and posters for social media to promote your booking.

FEB 15th 2020 – outside major cities
MARCH 15th – any cinema of your choice


A private or public screening of the film that doesn’t cost anything upfront.

This type of event is what we call ‘Cinema on Demand’ and we organise this with a company called ‘Fan Forced’.  You ‘demand’ the film plays at a cinema in your area, and if enough people also want come (and a minimum threshold of tickets are sold) – the session goes ahead.

If the minimum number of tickets are not sold a week before the screening, the screening won’t go ahead, but  nobody loses out! Any tickets purchased are fully refunded.

As the promoter of the event, you can organise the event to include a panel discussion or guest speakers. The screenings can be private or open to the public. It will be driven by you and can also be used as a fundraiser. We encourage you to align the event you organise with the impact goals of Dujuan’s family and our advisors


There are no upfront costs!  

To guarantee the screening goes ahead, you will encourage your community, staff and friends to all get in early and buy their tickets so the minimum number of tickets is met!

Once you have confirmed the details of your event, a simple online ticketing link will be accessible via our website or ‘Fan Force website’.

You will then have up to 4 weeks to promote your screening and sell the threshold amount of tickets required for the event to go ahead.

Tickets are generally $18, but you take 5% and if you want to make it a fundraiser you can charge a higher ticket price.


  1. Go to and fill out the simple online form about your proposed screening.
  2. Fanforce will manage your booking with the cinema and set up your individual ticketing page (this process normally takes 2 days).
  3. Promote the event to your networks to sell the threshold number of tickets. We’ll help out with digital flyers and composing emails to your invitees.
  4. Then, if the threshold is met, the event goes ahead!

Fundraising with IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS
If you are interested in using your screening as a fundraiser for your organisation, here are some ideas for how to go about it:

  1. if you’re hosting your own CINEMA SCREENING (Option 1 & 2), you can re-sell your tickets at a higher price.
  2. If you’re doing CINEMA ON DEMAND SCREENING, you can keep 5% fee. You will have the option to collect your 5% for a cause of your choice.
  3. If you want to support our impact campaign, for $100 you can PAY IT FORWARD and support a screening of In My Blood It  Runs in a remote Aboriginal community or for a community group that cannot afford to pay a screening fee.

MARCH 15th 2020 – any location of your choice


Host your own special screening, at any location - a workplace, school, community centre, town hall, caravan park!

  • Host your private event where your audience is
  • Structure your event however you like; organise a panel discussion or invite guest presenters.
  • Plan an event for Reconciliation Week May 27th-June 3rd 2020.
  • Promote the event to your networks and open relevant discussions.

Pay a set license fee, depending on the size of your audience.


  1. Fill in this form
  2. We will send you a licensing agreement with a recommended screening fee for your event
  3. Confirm the details & sign the licensing agreement
  4. We will send you an invoice.
  5. We will provide a link to download the film or a DVD as well as a media kit , poster file and images for social media.
  6. Organise your event & go!

MARCH 15th 2020 – any location (lounge rooms encouraged)!


Invite your friends over to watch the film and host a conversation about the themes in the film. We provide you with a screening guide and conversation kit.

  • We believe that change happens in conversations with loved ones. Create a safe space to dive deep into the issues of the film. Think of it like a book club.
  • Host a party for Reconciliation Week 27th May - 3rd June 2020.

Pay a set license fee of $35 (under 15 people)


  1. Fill in this form
  2. Buy the license, and we will send you a link to download /or DVD with a conversation guide
  3. Invite your friends over on XXX date, and send us a pic of your party if you can!
  4. Spread the word - we want to have 1000 simultaneous screenings around the country

We are so excited that you might be able to use IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS as a conversation starter in your community.